“When I first met with the Claypoole Group, it was to the point he was open minded to my suggestions and recommendations and ultimately ended up executing on point.  Working with Chase was phenomenal, the communication was seamless.  I would be able to text him, give him a call or shoot him an email and know that I’d be receiving a response fairly quickly and fairly promptly.”

“After comparing with other contractors the main reasons we did choose playful group was the price point it was very, very competitive.  During the project with so many moving parts and people involved, Claypoole and his team were able to coordinate with the other technicians and keep things on schedule and keep things on budget.”

“This is my 4th dental practice in my career… I’ve been a dentist for 43 years. Chase and his group were the easiest people I’ve had to deal with… expecting the worst, I got the best!”